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Undergraduate Research Center

Ahmed Alnassari

  • SOAR Position: Member
  • Major: Biology
  • Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Gao and Dr. Phillips

Current Focus: Optimization of a Rapid and Efficient Method for Ginsenoside Extraction, Jujube Rooting and Propagation

Additional Interests: Community Outreach through voluntary efforts at the Al-Mahdi Islamic center, helping people as a treasurer of Al-Wahda by simply making events that bring people of all races together.

Project Description

My research is dedicated to finding a more efficient way of extracting Ginsenosides, a compound that is derived from Ginseng, a medical herb. The plant is known for outstanding medical properties in medicine and is able to help treat a wide array of diseases. These properties are from Ginsenosides, which I am trying to extract from Ginseng. I am also doing another research project that aims to root Jujube trees on their own stock. The Jujube tree will be very beneficial for agriculture, economics, and its medical properties.

Why does this topic interest you?

My Ginseng research inspires because it allows me a chance to help my community through medicine. By simply finding the most efficient extraction method, this compound will be more available, thus allowing for more research on its properties. My Jujube tree research also inspires me to help find the best growing method for the Jujube tree on their own stock.

What are your professional aspirations?

I hope to become a cardiologist in order to help people with heart problems. This is because of how people who suffer from heart conditions could have life threatening side affects that will hurt them for the rest of their lives. By helping people overcome these problems with my help, I will be able to treat these problems using my role as a heart surgeon.

Do you have any advice for future researchers?

My advice is to stay focused and know what you are aiming for. By understanding what you want to become in the future, you have created a path set for you that will help make your journey many times easier.

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Thursday, September 5th, 4:30pm

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