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Undergraduate Research Center

Victoria Trevino

  • SOAR Position: Member; Alumni
  • Major: Speech Language Pathology & Audiology
  • Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Kathryn Blankenship

Current Focus: The Comparison of Two Different Word-Learning Strategies in Undergraduate University Students

Project Description

Throughout undergrad, university students are exposed to a higher level of vocabulary demands. Current research suggests that older adolescents and college students (with an average vocabulary level) have difficulty comprehending complex text. The purpose of this current research is to expand on our knowledge base of word-learning in adults and specifically explore effective interventions for vocabulary-learning (i.e., word-learning) in undergraduate college students.

Why does this topic interest you?

By understanding how the typical undergraduate student best learns vocabulary, we can create a more conducive learning environment and provide them with resources for success.

What are your professional aspirations?

ENT Physician (Otolaryngologist)

Do you have any advice for future researchers?

If you have a desire to conduct research, to pursue a grant, to travel & present your findings, do not doubt yourself out of it. Find a faculty mentor, ask the questions, and just start. You will learn as you go; both about your research and yourself!

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Thursday, September 5th, 4:30pm

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