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Summer not slowing MTSU research: students, faculty in national program

MTSU News 6.7.2024

Record 32 undergrads travel to California to present at national research conference

MTSU News 5.14.2024

INFO FOR MEDIA MTSU student, alum tap campus resources to clinch … MTSU student, alum tap campus resources to clinch highly competitive NSF research fellowships

MTSU News 5.9.2024

MTSU announces major student award recipients for 2023-24

MTSU News 5.3.2024

MTSU students spotlight cancer research, musicality, more at annual research expo [+VIDEO]

MTSU News 3.20.2024

MTSU undergrads level up communication, advocacy skills as part of national research program

MTSU News 3.08.2024

MTSU undergrads present STEM research, meet with state officials at Capitol

MTSU News 3.01.2024

MTSU undergrad researchers showcase animation, psychology projects at Open House

MTSU 11.15.2023

MTSU undergrads travel to England for international research conference

MTSU News 7.13.2023

MTSU student, faculty mentor discuss research lab opportunities on ‘Out of Blue’ [+VIDEO]

MTSU News 6.12.2023

MTSU sends multiple undergrads, wins Mayo Clinic challenge at national conference

MTSU News 6.05.2023

MTSU students impress at annual research expo presenting projects from science, engineering to art, music

MTSU News 3.30.2023

MTSU anthropology grant sends students abroad in search of missing service personnel

MTSU News 3.29.2023

MTSU alumni, undergrad researchers take knowledge, experience to top doctoral programs

MTSU News 3.03.2023

Chemistry professor earns $800K in grants, sets up lab with MTSU research office support

MTSU News 3.02.2023

MTSU STEM undergrads visit state Capitol, present research at annual ‘Posters’ event

MTSU News 2.17.2023

MTSU undergrads publish stories, dance in NYC, more with URECA grants

MTSU News 11.1.2022

MTSU faculty, students publish innovative science communication research with $10K in campus grants

MTSU News 8.10.2022

MTSU faculty members mentor undergrads through research experiences

MTSU News 8.02.2022

MTSU faculty, students research burning questions on heat, climate change with $17K grant

MTSU News 7.08.2022

MTSU undergrad researchers, recent grads advance to competitive, top-tier graduate programs

MTSU News 6.15.2022

Summer 2022 at MTSU: Students share academic, internships, research activities

MTSU News 6.10.2022

Shining physics scholar Lewis joins recent MTSU alumni pursuing research at Johns Hopkins

MTSU News 6.08.2022

MTSU’s ‘Scholars Week’ expo puts student research, creative activity center stage

MTSU News 4.01.2022

MTSU students share STEM research at state Capitol

MTSU News 2.18.2022

MTSU hosts prestigious NSF grant undergrad research cohorts

MTSU News 8.02.2021

True Blue Mars: MTSU undergrads spearhead research to colonize the red planet

MTSU News 7.30.2021

MTSU undergrads contribute to published research as part of Geoscience of Caves course

MTSU News 7.28.2021

MTSU students explain importance of Blue Mars Initiative: True Blue Mars

Out of the Blue 7.15.2021

Undergraduate research: Army veterans cultivate a second career

MTSU News 5.30.2021

Students shine in virtual, in-person showcase of research and creative activity

MTSU News 5.11.2021

Undergraduate Research: A Military Messenger

MTSU News 4.05.2021

MTSU undergrads research food safety with real-world lab work 4.01.2021

MTSU undergrads discover ‘URECA’ research grants, faculty mentors

MTSU News 2.12.2021

MTSU’s Undergraduate Research Center gives students opportunities to safely present in-person during COVID

MTSU News 1.15.2021

MTSU undergraduates ‘SOAR’ with the university’s student research organization

MTSU News 10.12.2020

Grape Expectations: The story of a research team, a cantankerous plant, and wine that could change the world

MTSU News 7.20.2020

MTSU Faculty and Undergraduate Student’s Research Showcased on Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue 5.04.2020

Online posters highlight 2020 Scholars Week Research and Creative Activity Exposition

MTSU News 4.20.2020

MTSU undergrads share research, receive career advice at state Capitol

MTSU News 2.27.2020

Boosting Your Degree with Research

MTSU News 2.19.2020

MTSU kudzu, ginseng, volcano researchers show work at state Capitol

MTSU News 3.01.2019

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