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Undergraduate Research Center

Matthew Johnson

  • SOAR Position: Member
  • Major: Biochemistry
  • Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Kevin L. Bicker

Current Focus: Characterization of Antifungal Peptoids

Additional Interests: Total Synthesis, Drug Discovery, Sports Nutrition, Weightlifting, Hiking

Project Description

This project seeks to utilize a novel display of a lead compound, a peptoid called RMG 8-8, our group has identified as a potential therapeutic against Cryptococcus neoformans: Peptoid Dendrimers. Due to structural advantages of the dendrimer structure we hope to create a more potent therapeutic against this fungal pathogen.

Why does this topic interest you?

This research topic is fascinating to me because my career aspirations align with this project. The work in drug discovery has the potential to help thousands around the globe every year, and making a difference in the lives of others is vastly important!

What are your professional aspirations?

I aspire to earn my Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and work industrially in drug discovery.

Do you have any advice for future researchers?

My advice for future researchers would be to never give up! No matter how many issues you may come across in a project, take it one issue at a time and try to enjoy the process of being a researcher!

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Thursday, September 5th, 4:30pm

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